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The Primary Arms 4-14x44mm illuminated rifle scope was our first step into first focal plane (FFP) optics and remains one of the most cost-effective options on the market. Having a reticle stay ‘true’ through the entire magnification range opens a world of possibility for hunters, marksman, and competitors everywhere. Add in “built like a tank” construction and a 3-year warranty, and it’s easy to see why this scope is so popular.


  • ACSS HUD DMR .308 Reticle offers a host of great features in a clean intuitive design tuned for .308 Winchester
  • Compatible with some .223 Remington loads
  • First Focal Plane reticle stays true at all magnifications
  • 6-illumination settings powered by a common CR2032 battery
  • High strength aircraft grade aluminum body
  • Side-adjustable parallax and fast focus eye piece for crisp view of the target and reticle


Battery TypeCR2032 3V Lithium Coin
BrandPrimary Arms
Click Value0.1 Mil
Exit Pupil DiameterLow: 11.20 mm / High: 3.30 mm
Eye ReliefLow: 3.22 in / High: 3.14 in
Field View 100Low: 27.20 ft / High: 7.85 ft
Focal PlaneFirst Focal Plane
Length12.9 in
Maximum Magnification14
Minimum Magnification4
Night Vision CompatibleNon-Compatible
Objective Diameter44mm
Reticle TypeBDC
Total Elevation Adjustment17.4 MIL
Total Windage Adjustment17.4 MIL
Tube Diameter30mm
Weight25.2 Oz


Jon Patton walks us through his essential gun-owner tools!

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Pistol Brace Creator Talks w/The Gun Collective about ATF Flip Flopping

Jon recently sat down with Alex Bosco, Owner of SB Tactical and creator of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace about recent changes and shenanigans perpetrated by the ATF.
ATF LETTER & Public Comment links:
– Public commenting: To Comment:(Click BLUE COMMENT NOW button on top-right of form above Jan 4, 2021)
– Form:

57% WANT MORE GUN LAWS? – The Fight For Gun Rights!

2020 has been a year of some serious challenges. We’ve seen some of the largest government overreach in history, and we’ve seen some real triumph as humans overcoming something very difficult as a singular force. Small business are being crushed while big business and big tech are thriving. This creates a strange environment. Massive unemployment forced from government controlled shutdowns, political unrest and a widening cultural divide have led to a year with the highest recorded firearms sales in human history. When I covered this last, I asked you guys if this will matter in the long run, well today we are gonna dive into a recent poll on gun control and find out, after this.
Welcome back to the gun collective, my name is Jon Patton and you are watching the fight for gun rights. According to a recent Gallup poll, calls for more gun control are on the decline. The question asked was “In general, do you feel that the laws covering the sale of firearms should be made more strict, less strict or kept as they are now?” 9 percent said kept as they are, 34 percent said less strict and 57 percent said more strict. Looking at their graph it seems like 2020 is opening people’s eyes to things a bit. If we look back through time, the lowest ever percentage for more strict was between 2009 and 2012, spiking directly in accordance with highly publicized mass shootings.
If we break things down into groups, we start to see a clearer picture of whats happening here. Between men and women, 67 percent of women said they want more strict gun laws while only 46 percent of men said that. It’s like Karen’s are trying to call the gun control manager about being scared or something. Less strict was broken down into 15 and 4 percent across men and women and 39 29 for kept as they are across men and women. If some women in the comments could chime in and help me understand the fairly sizable divide between men and women on this issue, it would be awesome.
If we look at it from a political party perspective, these are a bit less surprising. Of the republicans that responded to this poll, 62 percent of them said gun laws should be kept as they are now while 60 percent of independents and 85 percent of democrats said they want more strict laws. Not really surprising results here. Seems like they left out libertarians who want every single gun law repealed. WINK.
Regionally, its broken down into 4 categories. The east area weighed in with 68 percent for more gun control, while the midwest had 50 and the south had 49 percent in favor of more. Then the west weighed in with 63 percent in favor. If you consider where our most dense populations lie, on the east and west coast, this is not surprising in any way.
Then we look at it from a perspective of where people live. Here’s the most clear picture if you ask me. City residents weighed in with 65 percent calling for more gun control while suburban areas had 58 percent and rural residents had 46 percent. It was the converse with less gun control and keeping laws as they are. What this tells me is that democrat women, in cities on the east and west portions of the country are the driving force behind this crap. For anyone that might call me sexist for these claims, please point me to data that indicates otherwise.
Gallup also polled folks on a ban on handguns in the US. Only 25 percent of people are in favor of that. Interestingly enough, that is not directly in line with FBI statistics for homicide. In 2019, handguns accounted for approximately 62 percent of the 10258 homicides with firearms. Since I know you’ll ask, rifles, the thing that everyone flips out about, account for 364 or 3.5 percent of that total. Speaking of that, why the fuck are we talking about banning the rights of millions of people over the deaths of 364 people? In the last 5 years, rifles haven’t even accounted for more than 400 deaths in a given year. That is such an infinitesimally small number in comparison to so many other things out there. For gods sake people get killed more with hands and feet than rifles.
I digress.
With 57 of people still calling more stricter gun laws here in the US, we as a community are facing a true uphill battle. As COVID based overreach learches into 2021, we may see that change but for now, its very important that we do a good job educating and representing our passion.
I want to know what you guys are thinking. What is the best way to help spread our message? How do we go about educating people that disagree with us? Sound off in the comments and lets get a conversation going. Don’t forget to hit the secret affiliate link in the description and while youre down that way, hit the like button as well. If you think we’ve earned it, get subscribed and as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon.

Zev Z365, S&W M&P15-22 Pistol, ROOSEVELTS REVOLVER – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Zevtech mind melds with Sig, Smith & wesson has 2 new pistols and an award for influencers that you guys control!

Welcome back to another episode of TGC News, the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton.
Before we get into things today, I want to bring you guys up to date on the Barrett thing I announced last week. If you guys click the secret affiliate link in the description of this video 50,000 times total before Christmas, that’s december 25th, 2020 I’ll give away a Barrett 50BMG. As of today you have 11days and as of the filming of this video we are just under half way there. Get to it!
Let’s kick things off this week with some new pistols, shall we? First is the Z365 from Zevtech. Essentially this is a Sig Sauer P365 that has been dipped in Zevtech cladding. The main changes are the Zevtech Octane slide with optic cut, the Zevtech Pro barrel, Zev’s own fiber optic sights and a zev laser engraved stippling job. Other than that its got a standard trigger and comes with 2 10 round mags. The price for all that? 1199. Considering the regular 365 goes for about 500 bucks.. That means you’re paying about 700 for the upgrades. Now, if you went straight to zev, the slide and barrel alone are over 600 so its not that crazy of a bump and I suspect this type of thing is for a very specific customer. Gotta be honest, I kinda want one haha. I’m a bit bougie sometimes.
Also in new pistol news, Smith & wesson has 2 new ones from their M&P line up.
First up, the M&P 15-22 pistol, which is sort of a revamp of their old brace-less version, comes in 22 long rifle of course. It also has an 8 inch barrel, 25 round mags, MLOK handguard, and out back is the SBA3 brace. Really its a great compact package for the MSRP of 504 bucks. They also have a new 5.56 pistol with a 7.5 inch barrel, mlok handguard, blast diverter muzzle device, SBA3 brace, a flat face trigger which is rad, and the most interesting thing is that it comes with what is essentially a standard M&P pistol grip. It even has the interchangable backstraps. Its strange but I kinda love it. MSRP on that is 896. I’m curious to know what you guys think here. Is that Z365 something you would grab? Which of the M&P 15 pistols would you prefer with ammo being as silly as it is currently? Sound off in the comments and lets talk about it.
I also want to tell you guys about something a bit different this week. Its called the Gundie Awards and the basics are pretty simple. There are 15 different categories in which you can vote for your favorite influencers or creators. According to them This is about coming together to strengthen our community, no matter who your favorite influencer is. I’ll run through the categories and then explain my thoughts on it. You have breakout creator of the year, influencer of the year, most influential female and male of the year, and youtuber of the year. All of those fall under the Influence Categories. Tthen under the Content Creation Categories you have best crossover creator, best gun reviewer, most creative content of the year and most entertaining content of the year. After that, the fun categories include Best Outdoorsman, Best Gun Range or Shop, Best Shooter, Influencer Turned Entreprenuer, Most Innovative brand of the year and most likely to survive the apocalypse. I bet you’re already thinking of who you want to vote for in each of those. We are actually up for 2 categories this year, Influencer of the Year and YouTuber of the Year. However, I really want you guys to go vote for my fiance’, Genevieve, because shes actually up for 2 herself, Most Influential Female and Most Entertaining Content of the year. If you’ve seen her instagram reels you’ll know how good she is. I really would appreciate if you guys voted for her. Now, the way the voting works is actually pretty cool. You can vote once a day until December 31st. Each vote is actually an entry to win a specific prize for each category. So its fun for you guys to pick who you like the best and maybe win something AND its also really fun for us creators to see who makes it to the top. I’ll be sure to put a link to their website below so you guys can check it out.
We have a couple more things I want to share with you guys this week. Rock Island Auction recently sold one of the most interesting firearms to every cross their bench. It was Teddy Rosevelts Single Action Army Colt Revolver with factory engraving. How much did it sell for? A whopping 1.4 million dollars. An absolutely astonishing amount of money. If you ask me, this is something that would be a once in a lifetime thing to own and I think its really cool just to be able to see it. Theres actually a video of the sale on their channel if you want to see the excitement. My question to you guys, if you owned this, would you shoot it? I would!
And rounding us out is a tool that aims to take the load of your fingers when loading your mags. Its called the Bullet Blaster and its pretty simple. Its a 3D printed piece that you slide a finger or thumb into and using the protrusion to hold down the rounds in the mag whilst loading. For the price of 12.99 a piece, it doesn’t seem like a bad option if it works. However, in their own promo video you can see the thing hanging up and getting caught a bit while loading. Sure it might save your fingers but if it annoys you in the process, it may not be worth it. Not only that but this is not the only product like this ever made. I’ve seen one that is basically a thumb ring with a very similar core concept. I’ll let you guys tell me in the comments what you think of products like this.

Guntuber of the Week continues this week. If you don’t know, GunTuber of the Week is a segment where I share a gun related channel that by our standards, which are admittedly really high, puts out high quality, entertaining, informative content on a regular basis.
That being said, our GunTuber of the Week this time is 715 Tactical. Austins channel is young but very well put together. The B-roll he captures is some of my favorite and reminds me of channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The presentations are straightforward and just good. Here’s a clip.
If you’re into that type of content, go find the link to his channel in the description and get subscribed. Be sure to tell him TGC sent you.
After you click the like button, be sure to hit the secret affiliate link down in the description, that would be a massive help for us and of course don’t forget to get subscribed for more gun news every week and as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon!

Zev Z365-

S&W M&P 15 pistols-

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RIA revolver-

Thumb loader- 

Guntuber of the week- – show some b-roll from 2-3 different videos

How Many Guns Did Americans Buy In November 2020? – The Fight For Gun Rights!

ITS TIME! WE DID IT AGAIN! GUYS WE ARE THE BEST EVER AT BUYING GUNS. WE ARE ABSOLUTELY BAR NONE THE BEST AT IT. The FBI background check numbers for November are in and we are gonna break them down, after … wait you know what this is going to be a short video, so instead of putting a promo here, just do me a favor and share this with some of your friends and family to let them know whats up. Whether you’re watching on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram page or even our website,, just go ahead and share it with some folks. I want as many people as possible to see these numbers.

Welcome back to the gun collective, my name is Jon Patton and you are watching the fight for gun rights. Every month the FBI releases the number of background checks they performed and the November numbers are in. Before we go any farther, its important to note that these are not a 1 to 1 representation of gun sales because not every background check is for guns and some background checks are for multiple guns bought at the same time. Also some states don’t use this system. Now, we’ve been doing this for almost the entire year so let’s go ahead and recap shall we? In January, there were 2.7 million background checks. February had 2.8 million, March is where COVID panic buying started with 3.7 million, then April hit 2.9 mil, May 3.1, June, the highest in recorded history at 3.9 million, then July with 3.6 million, August 3.1, September 2.9 mil, October on the rise with 3.3 million and now, we are climbing back up with November coming in at a staggering 3.6 million background checks. ALL of these months, every single one of them is the highest for that month ever. Not only that but we are now at a yearly total of 35.7 million background checks. HOLY crap you guys. At this point, we have surpassed the 2019 year total by over 7 million.
Can I get a like on this video for the awesome charts our editor Izzy put together?
Now, as we do, its time to compare these numbers and give them some context. If we look at the monthly total for November 2020, assuming thats close to the number of guns sold, we could arm everyone in Dallas Texas, twice. We could arm everyone in Columbus ohio 4 times over. We could arm Baltimore 6 times over. We could arm everyone in the country of Estonia twice or We could arm everyone in Luxembourg 6 times.
If we look at the yearly total of 35.7 million, we could almost arm everyone in Morocco. We could definitely arm everyone in Saudi Arabia. We could arm Ecuador twice, everyone in Serbia 4 times with some left over or everyone in Croatia 8 times with some left over. No matter how you slice this pie, the numbers are incredible.
Now, the question that comes up the most on these videos is what does this mean for gun owners? Well its very hard to say with the looming threat of democratic control in the Government. What I do know is that ammo companies better turn up the heat and crank even harder so we can all keep shooting.
I want to know what you guys think of all this. Do these numbers really matter in the grand scheme? Will this help us at the polls next time around with so many new gun owners coming into the fold? Did you buy a new gun and become part of these numbers? Sound off in the comments below and lets talk about it.
And that is it for this video guys. After you click the like button, be sure to hit the secret affiliate link down in the description, that would be a massive help for us and of course don’t forget to get subscribed for more gun news every week and as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon!

ACTUAL Innovation! – AB Suppressor Raptor 8 – The Silencer Show!

Its not often that we actually see something innovative in the firearms industry. One of the sectors that does seem to be pushing boundaries for every little inch of performance though, is the suppressor industry. And today we’re going to be taking a look at one that comes at things in a new way that actually seems to put performance first. We’ll check it out, after this.
Welcome back to the gun collective, my name is Jon Patton. Today we are looking at the Raptor from a new company called AB Suppressor. As far as specs go, these are made from titanium, weighing in at 6.8 ounces for the 6 stack and 7.8 for the 8 stack. You see, the way they name their cans is based on the amount of baffles inside. They range from 2 all the way up to 10. We have the 6 and 8 on hand. Not only that but as you can see there are reflex sections which extend rearward from the muzzle for extra gas volume. This is supposed to help with sound as well as blowback. Every can comes with a flush mount AND a reflex section of your choice. For the MSRP of 975 for the Raptor 6 and 1035 for the Raptor 8, these are right on par or under par price wise with some of the best around. In terms of aesthetics, these cans look interesting. The design is clean but certainly not the typical look for a can. That is because the baffles are unlike any that I’ve seen on a suppressor to date. The man behind the company Brad Riley actually has a background in designing turbochargers for cars and machinery and he applied that technology and though process to managing the airflow in a suppressor. Hence the name, Aerocharger Ballistics or AB.
That being said, its time to shoot them and see if all this fancy stuff actually matters. First, we got our baseline with this Howa 1500 in 300 win mag sitting in an MDT chassis. You guys have seen this gun before on the channel. Pretty straight forward, its loud. I figured this one would benefit most from the 8 stack version.
The first shot really surprised me. The sound reduction was excellent and the tone was clean. Its hard to tell via video but this thing really impressed me right off the bat. I’ll shut up so you can hear more.
After a few shots with that set up, we decided to add one of the 3 inch reflex extensions to the backend. The takeaway from this shooting string was that it had great tone and wasn’t uncomfortable even when I removed my hearing protection. For reference, this was shot using 150 grain Remington core-lokt ammo. Times are tough and I wasn’t about to use my match ammo for a suppressor test.
Moving on from there, my 6.5 Creedmoor build was our test platform. This gun has a muzzle brake on it so our first shots without the can were definitely loud to the side of the gun. This time we decided to try out the smaller Raptor 6 and see how that handled the Creedmoor. Initial impressions were that it took all of that big dog bark from that muzzle brake and turned it into a weenie dog yip. Let’s shoot some more.
What you can see in this shots is a healthy amount of blowback coming out of the ejection port. The can was doing a great job with sound but as there’s not a ton of volume, this blowback makes some sense. To try and deal with that, we added the largest size reflex on the back end. They make these for both bull barrel and standard profiles as you saw in the opening.
As far as sound goes, we didn’t notice a marked difference in volume. We also didn’t really notice a huge difference in the amount of blowback. Maybe a slight reduction but its tough to quantify. Either way, this set up was a ton of fun to shoot with. A well suppressed 6.5 creed is my jam.
Moving on from there, we switched to our 300 blackout pistol set up that I refer to as Doo Doo Brown. I love this thing. Also, I apologize ahead of time for our supersonic ammo being spotty with reliability. Its some stuff I’ve had laying around for years and it did not perform well at all. Bare muzzle testing didn’t show us anything out of the ordinary. It’s loud. We expected that.
On this one, the goal was to make it silly quiet so we used the 8 stack version. The supers sounded decent for sure, but the subs, that’s the bees knees. Now dealing with subsonic ammo is not a challenge for a well made suppressor BUT it does reinforce the good tone and characteristics we liked even more. As we shot more, things started to become very clear. These things are REALLY good.
Let’s cover the things we like first. We liked the simple styling. We liked the fact that you don’t have to time the mount or anything like that. It works no matter the orientation. And we really like the performance that we experienced. Also, I didn’t talk about this much but these things are incredibly light weight. On a gun like our 300 blackout pistol, that is something that is a huge bonus because heavy cans on AR15 platform guns is not my favorite.
Things we didn’t like as much is a shorter list and is less about not liking stuff and more about asking why we need it. To me, the reflex extensions don’t do enough to need them. There may be an application where they make a lot of sense but to me they don’t seem to be needed. That means the can by itself is good to go. Beyond that, I think the company offering 5 different versions of the same suppressor is overkill. Most suppressor brands offer a long version and then a short version of a can, and not much in between because the difference in performance between them in negligible. For me, I want the quietest thing around. Second to that is pricing, which isn’t bad here and then comes the weight.
Obviously we don’t have a meter to test these on but like I’ve said in suppressor videos before, that doesn’t tell the whole story and therefore isn’t the definitive way for me to determine what I think about a can.
I’ll sum it up with this. The AB Suppressor Raptor series is flat out excellent. I’m really just impressed with them. Taking the concepts from the turbocharger products they’ve designed and applying them here makes a ton of sense. The value is there and I think as time goes on, they will continue to show us some more innovative new designs.
I want to know what you guys are thinking. What is your favorite 30 caliber can on the market? Sound off in the comments and let me know what you guys like and if you enjoyed this video hit the like button and please share it with your friends. If you want to see more gun news or gun reviews, be sure to get subscribed and as always, thank you all for watching. We’ll see you soon.

On this episode of The Silencer Show, Jon Patton and Genevieve Jones have fun with the Raptor from a new company called AB Suppressor.
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Welcome back to We are so pumped to see you here. I’ll keep this short.

On 12/7, in our weekly gun news show called TGC News, Jon put out a bit of a challenge to you guys. If you click our secret affiliate link 50,000 times by Christmas, we will give away a Barrett 50BMG rifle. Things are absolutely rolling so far and you guys are doing great! It really is as simple as it seems. Once we reach that 50k click goal, we will announce how the giveaway will work. Until then, get to clicking!



50,000/50,000 CLICKS TO BARRETT GIVEAWAY – UPDATED 3:02pm 12/26

3D Printed Silencer, New Guns, S&W GAINS BIG – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Sig 3D prints a shusher, Kimber, CZ and Trigger Tech have new stuff and big blue showing HUGE growth!

Welcome back to another episode of TGC News, the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton.
Before we get cracking, I want to have some fun going into the holidays. If you guys click the secret affiliate link in the description of this video 50,000 times total before Christmas, that’s december 25th, 2020 I’ll give away a Barrett. And I don’t mean an AR, I mean a real deal big boy Barrett. That means you have 18 days. Get to it.
Now, how about some news? Sig Sauer has put themselves in a positive light after we talked about the Cross rifle recall last week with the MOD X9. What is it? A 3D printed suppressor. Not only that but its also modular, made of titanium and has one of the most unique exteriors I’ve seen on any silencer. I love to see more and more brands taking on different types of manufacturing to bring out super interesting products. According to Sig, there are 7 different ways to configure this can. Ranging from an overall length of 7.75 inches weighing just 8 ounces all the way down to 3.25 inches weighing 5 ounces and I suspect the heaviest portion of that is in the mounting system. Speaking of that they actually are including a standard half by 28 piston AND a 13.5×1 left hand piston. Most companies only include one so thats cool. As far as sound reduction goes, even though that number only tells part of the story, we’ll cover it for this one. According to their data, with a P226 using 147 grain ammo, the DB rating at the longest config is 127.4 and increases about 3-5DB with every baffle you remove until you get to the non-hearing safe 145.3 db. Now, this is definitely not the first modular suppressor on the market but it is certainly a cool take on things. It kind of reminds me a lot of the Erector from Q with some fancier designs on the outside. OR more accurately, the Dead Air Odessa 9 which only weighs 10.1 ounces and is only a quarter inch longer. Personally, I’m not sure I would have a lot of use for that amount of adjustment in a silencer. I’m more of an all or nothing kind of guy. MSRP is listed at 925. I want to know what you guys are thinking here. Do you like having this huge amount of flexibility in a suppressor? Do you care about suppressors to begin with? Sound off in the comments and lets have a conversation about it.

It’s time once again for some rapid fire news! We’ve got a bunch more to cover and not enough time to cover it so here we go. Triggertech, a brand known for super high quality drop in triggers has announced a few new variations of that concept for Pistol Caliber Carbines. They are now making them for the Sig MPX, the AR9 platform and the lesser used FX9 platform. Each of these has their own additions and tweaks designed specifically for the model it will live in. MSRP is 250 bucks for the adjustable and 225 for the fixed 3.5 pound option.
Also in new product news is a rifle from CZ USA called the 557 Eclipse. Basically this is a more affordable version of the 557. It comes in 308, 6.5 creedmoor or 30-06 with 20.5 inch barrels. Of those, the 6.5 creed version actually comes with a ⅝ by 24 threaded muzzle. The stock is a synthetic set up and yadda yadda the rest is pretty basic. Pricing lands at 659 MSRP.
Another new one is coming our way from Kimber. Its called the Rapide Black Ice and its part of the Micro 9 line up. The real key here is the styling that is also functional. Serrations on the slide, texture all around the grip, and some other trinkets like a flared magwell, extended mag, Truglo TFX Tritium fiber optic sights, and a DLC coated barrel. They barrel length is just a hair over 3 inches long and the extended mags hold 7 rounds. Pricing is 883 MSRP.

And its time once again for Gundustry News. First up, IWA Outdoor Classics, the european version of SHOT show has been canceled. The interesting part of that? The show is schedule for March of next year. This says a lot about how europe is feeling about Covid right now and could indicate things to come here in the US. Also in europe adjacent news, Zenith Firearms has announced that they are no longer going to be importing MKE firearms. The story is a bit more juicy than a normal split though. The press release on their website goes through all kinds of monetary troubles from lawsuits to walmart screwing them over to the Turkish government dealing with a coup. Its kinda crazy actually. All that to say they will be switching to US made firearms that they will be launching next year. No telling what they will end up being at this point. More roller locks is never a bad thing I guess.
And rounding out our industry news, the big blue, Smith & Wesson has released their second quarter 2021 earnings and boy oh boy its a whopper. Quarterly sales were 248.7 million dollars. Compare that to 2019 which during the same time was 113.7 million. A difference of 135 million or an increase of 118.7 percent! That is absolutely nuts.

Guntuber of the Week continues this week. For anyone new here, GunTuber of the Week is a segment where I share a gun related channel that by our standards, which are admittedly really high, puts out high quality, entertaining, informative content on a regular basis.
And speaking of that, our GunTuber of the Week this time is Work The Trigger. His channel is all about having a good time and learning along the way. He does reviews, as well as some competition shooting and aims to, get it, bring value to his viewers the entire time. Here’s a quick clip.
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It’s time for more Friendly Fire, the segment where I answer questions from you guys! This time our questions are coming from the TGC facebook page.
Our first question is from Scott Strohmeyer and he says with shot being canceled, what are manufacturers doing to show off their products? To put it lightly, they are all scrambling to figure out what the best moves are for them. Smart ones will contact me and let TGC help them. Aubrey Wright says what is the best base level AR lower that you can’t go wrong with to start a build? That depends on your budget. On the cheap end, Anderson is there but might need a little massaging to get it right and then you move up to more expensive stuff like Aero precision and it sort of explodes from there. The options are plentiful. Scott Brendle says what are the chances of the supreme court overruling assault weapon bans? Well that would require the case to reach the supreme court and then the supreme court actually having the balls to hear the case. Its unlikely if you ask me. I don’t think SCOTUS has the balls to take gun cases these days. Chris Ramirez says how can new gun owners still get enough training if money is still an issue? Well you could look at online training from places like Warrior Poet Society Network. Theyve got a lot going on. And there are other options like dry fire systems such as LASR X or Mantis X but I’ll be clear on this. There is no replacement for firing rounds down range.
My friendly fire question to you guys this week, where did you acquire most of your gun knowledge? Was it online or from other people? Maybe at a gun club or something similar? Drop your thoughts in the comments below and If you want to ask a friendly fire question, jump over to the gun and send it our way!

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GunTuber of the Week:



If you just add a Lower, you can have a good quality pistol for under $1,000! Especially in todays climate, thats a killer deal. Check out the details below!


Barrel Length: 10.5″

Barrel Profile: A2

Gas System: Carbine-length

Barrel Steel: 4150V Chrome Moly Vanadium

Barrel Finish: Phosphate

Chrome Lining: No

Muzzle Thread: 1/2-28

Chamber: 5.56 NATO 

Twist Rate: 1:7

Barrel Extension: M4

Diameter at Gas Block: .750

Gas Block Type: Low-profile

Muzzle Device: PSA Fluted Flash Can

Receiver Material: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum

Receiver Type: M4

Handguard Type: PSA 12″ Slant End M-Lok Rail

Bolt Carrier Group Included: Yes

Bolt Steel: Carpenter 158

Bolt Carrier Profile: Full-auto

Charging Handle Included: Yes

Overall Length: 21″

Build Kit: MOE SBA3 EPT Pistol Kit, Black

Optic: Sig Sauer Romeo MSR 2 MOA Red Dot


Barrel: 10.5″ 4150V Chrome Moly vanadium steel, phosphate coated and chambered in 5.56 NATO with a 1 in 7″ twist. Carbine length gas barrel is finished off with a PSA 12″ Slant End M-lok Rail, a low profile gas block and a PSA Fluted Flash Can.

Upper: Forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is made to MIL-SPECS and hard coat anodized black for durability. Featuring a mil-spec finish, these uppers are made for us right here in the USA by a mil-spec manufacturer.

Flash Can: Palmetto State Armory’s Fluted “FLASH CAN”. This is a solid 6061 aluminum device that is designed to direct muzzle gases and the muzzle flash forward. Threaded 1/2-28 for 5.56 NATO. Black military-style hard anodizing. THIS DEVICE IS NOT DESIGNED TO REDUCE RECOIL, MUZZLE RISE, OR FLASH SIGNATURE. This device is designed to direct gasses and noise forward away from the shooter and enhance the weapon’s appearance.

Bolt: Bolt is made of Mil-spec shot-peened Carpenter 158 steel. Gas key is secured with grade 8 fasteners and staked per mil-spec. 

Build Kit: A high quality lower build kit with everything you need to assemble your AR-15 lower into a pistol. Features Enhanced Polished Trigger (EPT), Magpul Grip, Magpul Trigger Guard, and black oxide coated hammer and trigger springs. Also includes SB Tactical SBA3 Adjustable Pistol Brace, castle nut, latch plate, carbine buffer spring, 5 positioning mil-spec buffer tube, and standard carbine buffer.

Sig Sauer Romeo MSR 2 MOA Red Dot Sight:

The ROMEO-MSR is a sealed compact red dot or green dot sight intended for MSR, carbine, shotgun and air rifle. Brightness is adjusted with a top-mounted rotary dial, featuring 10 daytime and 2-night vision settings for quick target engagement in any condition.


  • Dependable IPX-7 waterproof and fog-proof performance
  • Over 20,000 hours runtime on a CR1632 battery
  • Top loading battery compartment with integral brightness control featuring 10 daytime and 2 NV settings
  • Ultra-compact size and weight with unlimited eye-relief and parallax-free operation
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum housing and mount
  • Slipover, see-through flip-backs