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3D Printed Silencer, New Guns, S&W GAINS BIG – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Sig 3D prints a shusher, Kimber, CZ and Trigger Tech have new stuff and big blue showing HUGE growth!

Welcome back to another episode of TGC News, the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton.
Before we get cracking, I want to have some fun going into the holidays. If you guys click the secret affiliate link in the description of this video 50,000 times total before Christmas, that’s december 25th, 2020 I’ll give away a Barrett. And I don’t mean an AR, I mean a real deal big boy Barrett. That means you have 18 days. Get to it.
Now, how about some news? Sig Sauer has put themselves in a positive light after we talked about the Cross rifle recall last week with the MOD X9. What is it? A 3D printed suppressor. Not only that but its also modular, made of titanium and has one of the most unique exteriors I’ve seen on any silencer. I love to see more and more brands taking on different types of manufacturing to bring out super interesting products. According to Sig, there are 7 different ways to configure this can. Ranging from an overall length of 7.75 inches weighing just 8 ounces all the way down to 3.25 inches weighing 5 ounces and I suspect the heaviest portion of that is in the mounting system. Speaking of that they actually are including a standard half by 28 piston AND a 13.5×1 left hand piston. Most companies only include one so thats cool. As far as sound reduction goes, even though that number only tells part of the story, we’ll cover it for this one. According to their data, with a P226 using 147 grain ammo, the DB rating at the longest config is 127.4 and increases about 3-5DB with every baffle you remove until you get to the non-hearing safe 145.3 db. Now, this is definitely not the first modular suppressor on the market but it is certainly a cool take on things. It kind of reminds me a lot of the Erector from Q with some fancier designs on the outside. OR more accurately, the Dead Air Odessa 9 which only weighs 10.1 ounces and is only a quarter inch longer. Personally, I’m not sure I would have a lot of use for that amount of adjustment in a silencer. I’m more of an all or nothing kind of guy. MSRP is listed at 925. I want to know what you guys are thinking here. Do you like having this huge amount of flexibility in a suppressor? Do you care about suppressors to begin with? Sound off in the comments and lets have a conversation about it.

It’s time once again for some rapid fire news! We’ve got a bunch more to cover and not enough time to cover it so here we go. Triggertech, a brand known for super high quality drop in triggers has announced a few new variations of that concept for Pistol Caliber Carbines. They are now making them for the Sig MPX, the AR9 platform and the lesser used FX9 platform. Each of these has their own additions and tweaks designed specifically for the model it will live in. MSRP is 250 bucks for the adjustable and 225 for the fixed 3.5 pound option.
Also in new product news is a rifle from CZ USA called the 557 Eclipse. Basically this is a more affordable version of the 557. It comes in 308, 6.5 creedmoor or 30-06 with 20.5 inch barrels. Of those, the 6.5 creed version actually comes with a ⅝ by 24 threaded muzzle. The stock is a synthetic set up and yadda yadda the rest is pretty basic. Pricing lands at 659 MSRP.
Another new one is coming our way from Kimber. Its called the Rapide Black Ice and its part of the Micro 9 line up. The real key here is the styling that is also functional. Serrations on the slide, texture all around the grip, and some other trinkets like a flared magwell, extended mag, Truglo TFX Tritium fiber optic sights, and a DLC coated barrel. They barrel length is just a hair over 3 inches long and the extended mags hold 7 rounds. Pricing is 883 MSRP.

And its time once again for Gundustry News. First up, IWA Outdoor Classics, the european version of SHOT show has been canceled. The interesting part of that? The show is schedule for March of next year. This says a lot about how europe is feeling about Covid right now and could indicate things to come here in the US. Also in europe adjacent news, Zenith Firearms has announced that they are no longer going to be importing MKE firearms. The story is a bit more juicy than a normal split though. The press release on their website goes through all kinds of monetary troubles from lawsuits to walmart screwing them over to the Turkish government dealing with a coup. Its kinda crazy actually. All that to say they will be switching to US made firearms that they will be launching next year. No telling what they will end up being at this point. More roller locks is never a bad thing I guess.
And rounding out our industry news, the big blue, Smith & Wesson has released their second quarter 2021 earnings and boy oh boy its a whopper. Quarterly sales were 248.7 million dollars. Compare that to 2019 which during the same time was 113.7 million. A difference of 135 million or an increase of 118.7 percent! That is absolutely nuts.

Guntuber of the Week continues this week. For anyone new here, GunTuber of the Week is a segment where I share a gun related channel that by our standards, which are admittedly really high, puts out high quality, entertaining, informative content on a regular basis.
And speaking of that, our GunTuber of the Week this time is Work The Trigger. His channel is all about having a good time and learning along the way. He does reviews, as well as some competition shooting and aims to, get it, bring value to his viewers the entire time. Here’s a quick clip.
If you’re into that type of content, go find the link to his channel in the description and get subscribed. Be sure to tell him TGC sent you.

It’s time for more Friendly Fire, the segment where I answer questions from you guys! This time our questions are coming from the TGC facebook page.
Our first question is from Scott Strohmeyer and he says with shot being canceled, what are manufacturers doing to show off their products? To put it lightly, they are all scrambling to figure out what the best moves are for them. Smart ones will contact me and let TGC help them. Aubrey Wright says what is the best base level AR lower that you can’t go wrong with to start a build? That depends on your budget. On the cheap end, Anderson is there but might need a little massaging to get it right and then you move up to more expensive stuff like Aero precision and it sort of explodes from there. The options are plentiful. Scott Brendle says what are the chances of the supreme court overruling assault weapon bans? Well that would require the case to reach the supreme court and then the supreme court actually having the balls to hear the case. Its unlikely if you ask me. I don’t think SCOTUS has the balls to take gun cases these days. Chris Ramirez says how can new gun owners still get enough training if money is still an issue? Well you could look at online training from places like Warrior Poet Society Network. Theyve got a lot going on. And there are other options like dry fire systems such as LASR X or Mantis X but I’ll be clear on this. There is no replacement for firing rounds down range.
My friendly fire question to you guys this week, where did you acquire most of your gun knowledge? Was it online or from other people? Maybe at a gun club or something similar? Drop your thoughts in the comments below and If you want to ask a friendly fire question, jump over to the gun collective.com and send it our way!

After you click the like button, be sure to hit the secret affiliate link down in the description, that would be a massive help for us and of course don’t forget to get subscribed for more gun news every week and as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon!

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Sig MOD X9
– https://www.sigsauer.com/modx-9.html
Dead Air Odessa 9 Supressor
– Q Erector Rimfire Suppressor

TriggerTech PCC 
Buy them here – https://bit.ly/36KVpey

CZ 557 Eclipse
– https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-557-eclipse/
GET CZ RIFLES HERE – https://bit.ly/3ggq3Qd

Kimber Rapide 9
– https://www.kimberamerica.com/micro-9-rapide-black-ice-1
GET KIMBER MICRO 9 RAPIDE HERE – https://cabelas.xhuc.net/MGMA2

IWA cancels
– https://www.iwa.info/en/news/press-releases/2020-iwa-cancellation-2021-k0ocym6vkk_pireport

Zenith splits with MKE
– https://zenithfirearms.com/blog/news/
BUY ZENITH GUNS HERE – https://bit.ly/39G9Jai

S&W earnings
– https://ir.smith-wesson.com/news-releases/news-release-details/smith-wesson-brands-inc-reports-second-quarter-fiscal-2021
BUY SMITH & WESSON GUNS HERE – https://bit.ly/3ggSwp8

GunTuber of the Week: https://www.youtube.com/c/workthetrigger/


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