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ACTUAL Innovation! – AB Suppressor Raptor 8 – The Silencer Show!

Its not often that we actually see something innovative in the firearms industry. One of the sectors that does seem to be pushing boundaries for every little inch of performance though, is the suppressor industry. And today we’re going to be taking a look at one that comes at things in a new way that actually seems to put performance first. We’ll check it out, after this.
Welcome back to the gun collective, my name is Jon Patton. Today we are looking at the Raptor from a new company called AB Suppressor. As far as specs go, these are made from titanium, weighing in at 6.8 ounces for the 6 stack and 7.8 for the 8 stack. You see, the way they name their cans is based on the amount of baffles inside. They range from 2 all the way up to 10. We have the 6 and 8 on hand. Not only that but as you can see there are reflex sections which extend rearward from the muzzle for extra gas volume. This is supposed to help with sound as well as blowback. Every can comes with a flush mount AND a reflex section of your choice. For the MSRP of 975 for the Raptor 6 and 1035 for the Raptor 8, these are right on par or under par price wise with some of the best around. In terms of aesthetics, these cans look interesting. The design is clean but certainly not the typical look for a can. That is because the baffles are unlike any that I’ve seen on a suppressor to date. The man behind the company Brad Riley actually has a background in designing turbochargers for cars and machinery and he applied that technology and though process to managing the airflow in a suppressor. Hence the name, Aerocharger Ballistics or AB.
That being said, its time to shoot them and see if all this fancy stuff actually matters. First, we got our baseline with this Howa 1500 in 300 win mag sitting in an MDT chassis. You guys have seen this gun before on the channel. Pretty straight forward, its loud. I figured this one would benefit most from the 8 stack version.
The first shot really surprised me. The sound reduction was excellent and the tone was clean. Its hard to tell via video but this thing really impressed me right off the bat. I’ll shut up so you can hear more.
After a few shots with that set up, we decided to add one of the 3 inch reflex extensions to the backend. The takeaway from this shooting string was that it had great tone and wasn’t uncomfortable even when I removed my hearing protection. For reference, this was shot using 150 grain Remington core-lokt ammo. Times are tough and I wasn’t about to use my match ammo for a suppressor test.
Moving on from there, my 6.5 Creedmoor build was our test platform. This gun has a muzzle brake on it so our first shots without the can were definitely loud to the side of the gun. This time we decided to try out the smaller Raptor 6 and see how that handled the Creedmoor. Initial impressions were that it took all of that big dog bark from that muzzle brake and turned it into a weenie dog yip. Let’s shoot some more.
What you can see in this shots is a healthy amount of blowback coming out of the ejection port. The can was doing a great job with sound but as there’s not a ton of volume, this blowback makes some sense. To try and deal with that, we added the largest size reflex on the back end. They make these for both bull barrel and standard profiles as you saw in the opening.
As far as sound goes, we didn’t notice a marked difference in volume. We also didn’t really notice a huge difference in the amount of blowback. Maybe a slight reduction but its tough to quantify. Either way, this set up was a ton of fun to shoot with. A well suppressed 6.5 creed is my jam.
Moving on from there, we switched to our 300 blackout pistol set up that I refer to as Doo Doo Brown. I love this thing. Also, I apologize ahead of time for our supersonic ammo being spotty with reliability. Its some stuff I’ve had laying around for years and it did not perform well at all. Bare muzzle testing didn’t show us anything out of the ordinary. It’s loud. We expected that.
On this one, the goal was to make it silly quiet so we used the 8 stack version. The supers sounded decent for sure, but the subs, that’s the bees knees. Now dealing with subsonic ammo is not a challenge for a well made suppressor BUT it does reinforce the good tone and characteristics we liked even more. As we shot more, things started to become very clear. These things are REALLY good.
Let’s cover the things we like first. We liked the simple styling. We liked the fact that you don’t have to time the mount or anything like that. It works no matter the orientation. And we really like the performance that we experienced. Also, I didn’t talk about this much but these things are incredibly light weight. On a gun like our 300 blackout pistol, that is something that is a huge bonus because heavy cans on AR15 platform guns is not my favorite.
Things we didn’t like as much is a shorter list and is less about not liking stuff and more about asking why we need it. To me, the reflex extensions don’t do enough to need them. There may be an application where they make a lot of sense but to me they don’t seem to be needed. That means the can by itself is good to go. Beyond that, I think the company offering 5 different versions of the same suppressor is overkill. Most suppressor brands offer a long version and then a short version of a can, and not much in between because the difference in performance between them in negligible. For me, I want the quietest thing around. Second to that is pricing, which isn’t bad here and then comes the weight.
Obviously we don’t have a meter to test these on but like I’ve said in suppressor videos before, that doesn’t tell the whole story and therefore isn’t the definitive way for me to determine what I think about a can.
I’ll sum it up with this. The AB Suppressor Raptor series is flat out excellent. I’m really just impressed with them. Taking the concepts from the turbocharger products they’ve designed and applying them here makes a ton of sense. The value is there and I think as time goes on, they will continue to show us some more innovative new designs.
I want to know what you guys are thinking. What is your favorite 30 caliber can on the market? Sound off in the comments and let me know what you guys like and if you enjoyed this video hit the like button and please share it with your friends. If you want to see more gun news or gun reviews, be sure to get subscribed and as always, thank you all for watching. We’ll see you soon.

On this episode of The Silencer Show, Jon Patton and Genevieve Jones have fun with the Raptor from a new company called AB Suppressor.
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