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Fairly straight forward, Global Ordnance has steel SHK 30 round mags on sale for under 6 bucks a piece when you buy a case of 80. They also have steel 30 round AK mags from SHK on sale for under 7 bucks when you buy a case of 56. Buy the AR Mags here:...

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Top 3 Platforms & Calibers for Long Range Shooting!

In this video we catch up with guest-host Joel from the Precision Rifle Network on the range! PROMOS and DISCOUNTS: ♦ Support Us Directly Here: ♦ Watch with NO ADS here: LINKS FOR THIS...

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OH MY GUNS – Dec. 2020 Background Check Numbers!

OH MY GUNS – Dec. 2020 Background Check Numbers!

Honestly, I don't know how anything is still in stock with the amount of guns and ammunition sold this year. It is absolutely staggering. The December NICS check numbers are in and we're going to break it down after this. The FBI has reported on background checks...


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Brass Pellet Shotgun Slugs – BRUTAL Results!

Brass Pellet Shotgun Slugs – BRUTAL Results!

In this video, our fearless leader, Jon Patton, is exploring the terminal effectiveness of multiple shotgun ammunition types to determine where they fit in the world. The rounds tested are Rio Royal Buck Low Recoil, Rio Royal Star Slugs Low Recoil, Federal Prairie...

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