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Get to know me

Who is Jon Patton?

Jon has been producing gun content for 10 years and launched Patton Media and Consulting LLC in early 2015, quickly followed by The Gun Collective in June of 2015. He’s been a nerd of many types, car nerd, gun nerd and science nerd in general. Jon’s main focus as the front man of TGC is to keep things driving forward through strong relationships with the audience and the gun industry.

A picture of Jonathan Patton, CEO of The Gun Collective.

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My Mission

Being Brutally

TGC has established a long history of “calling it like it is.” Whether it’s a sponsor, a friend or a gun company, you can always expect TGC to be honest. Without this, integrity goes missing and that’s no good for anyone.

Gun Owners

In our content, we try to take the time to cover the minimal things that new viewers or people that aren’t up to speed, might have missed. It’s never fun being out of the loop so while our content is fast paced, we hope you are able to pick up the nuggets of institutional knowledge along the way.

Well Produced

One of the pillars of TGC as a whole has been to create well produced and well thought out content. Whether it’s TGC News, Reviews, or Podcast, you can expect a level of production that rivals bigger teams of content creators out there.