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Welcome back to The Gun Collective podcast. My name is Jon Patton.

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Tonight we are gonna have some fun and we are gonna learn some things and some stuff about one of the best gun channels, nay, gun media brands, that I’ve ever seen. The focus on not just sharing good info, but also presenting in a slick, easy to consume and digest manner is phenomenal. In just 4 short years, John has gone from “who?” to “OMG” in the eyes of many and along the way, Evan jumped in and helped accelerate them to this amazing position they are in now. Boys and girls, these guys have something new and I am super excited to be able to get the breakdown on it from none other than John Lovell and Evan Temple of Warrior Poet Society! https://warriorpoetsociety.us/






  • How are you guys handling the wuhan virus?
  • Hit the ground running? Looks like the channel was planned from day one
  • What is the dynamic like between the two of you? How many people are on the team now?
  • WPSN – what is it, where do you plan to take it, what did it take to get here
  • Subscribestar questions

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