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Integral Browning Buckmark Carbine/KGM Serenity – TGC Silencer Show!

This is a gun and suppressor combo that no one else in the world has right now. Its a one of one. We’ve taken the Browning Buckmark Carbine and turned it into one of the coolest guns I own. And we’re going to dive into it, after this.
My journey as a gun owner has always been a bit of a roller coaster. I’ve never enjoyed doing things the same way as other people and thats kind of how I ended up with this thing. We’ve called it the Serenity and essentially its an integrally suppressed Browning Buckmark Carbine. My first 22 pistol was a buck mark and I loved it so much that when I learned they made a carbine version, I had to have it. It was actually on a trip to Georgia where I bought it standing next to Eric and Chad from IV8888. Hanging out with those guys are some of my favorite memories in recent years.
Fast forward a bit, and I had become friends with a guy named Kyle Grob. Kyle is the namesake behind what was KG Made and is now KGM Technologies. I don’t know how, but I managed to convince Kyle to take on this project to turn this heavy barreled plinker into one of the coolest guns around. Long story shorter, this is what he came up with.
The serenity is a Browning Buckmark Carbine, with a barrel that has been machined to become the baffles for a suppressor and then a lightweight tube has been added over the top to contain everything. And then everything was Cerakote in this really nice grey color. It looks fantastic with the dark laminate furniture that came on the gun.
The shooting experience is a lot like what you would expect. The gun weighs almost nothing. Its really easy to swing around and plink away like its going out of style. Not only that but the factory buck mark trigger is really good. Its not the lightest out there but I really like the clean brake you get from it. And of course its gold so my inner flashy guy says yes for that. In terms of how it sounds, well thats something I want you guys to judge with me. With supersonic bulk pack stuff, the gun runs well most of the time. As you would expect from cheap bulk pack stuff, but its also reasonably quiet. If we drop the ammo speed down to something like a CCI quiet, the gun just won’t run, even though its ULTRA quiet. Funny enough, I actually had a few of the quiet rounds sound louder, with almost a pop, as it was trying to cycle the gun. Strange. Maybe one day I’ll pull out the high speed camera and try to diagnose it. The best ammo combination I could find for reliability and sound is my gold standard for suppressor testing. CCI Standard velocity. On our range, at about sea level, this stuff just works so well. It runs the gun really reliably, and since its subsonic, the gun is super quiet.
The negatives come from the fact that this gun is based off of a 22 pistol designed many years back. The mag release makes sense for use as a handgun but not when its a carbine. I had to use my support hand to release the mags most of the time. Not a huge deal just an adjustment. The other negative is the 10 round mags. I’ve never seen Buckmark mags with higher capacity so I’m kinda stuck there. Maybe I need to hit up TandemKross for some aftermarket trinkets for this one. But those are pretty much the only negatives I have.
I also should note that KGM machined the top of the factory barrel to accept this pica tinny rail that I added for optics. I came with a weaver rail that was curved.
All in all, this Browning Buckmark slash KGM Serenity is unique and an absolutely boatload of fun to shoot. Whether I’m taking a newbie to the range or a real deal operator. This is one of the guns in my collection that gets everyone giggling. That’s my favorite kind of gun. At the end of the day, if we aren’t enjoying ourselves at the range, what are we doing?
Now like I said at the beginning of the video, this is not a product you can just go out and buy. KGM doesn’t offer these as a standard product and to be honest, I’m not sure if they ever will. HOWEVER, I do know the rest of the stuff they make is pretty rad too so they are work checking out as a company.
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