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Black Guns REALLY DO MATTER w/ Maj Toure | TGC PODCAST | Ep. 062

Welcome back to The Gun Collective podcast. My name is Jon Patton. Our guest tonight is the man behind Black Guns Matter. He hails from the city of brotherly love. He is touring the nation educating people of all types about guns, gun safety and how to fit that into their lives. 

He also rubs elbows with the likes of congressmen, celebrities and big time players across the board. Let’s welcome to the show, Maj Toure.

And also joining us tonight is my cohost, the man that had the world record for the most amount of yall’s and woo’s in a video. Johnny Bragg is here!

A Huge thank you to TGC Patreon supporters for making tonight’s show possible. We would love to have you on board at the $5 dollar per month level because not only do you get all the behind the scenes shenanigans but you are also automatically thrown into the gun of the month club where we give away at least one gun a month to our awesome supporters!
This month’s gun is a Marlin 336 Big Loop chambered in 30-30 Winchester!

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-QUICK – What is black guns matter?
-Why can’t a middle aged white dude from suburbia reach the same folks as you?
-What should the gun industry be doing to fix this issue? Is it even possible to fix?
-City council in Philly
-Crowd Funding

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