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6.8 Western, Magpul MP5 Drum, CZ Buying Colt?! – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Magpul drops a mountain of new stuff, a new long range cartridge from Winchester and tons of gundustry news!

Welcome back to another episode of TGC News, the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton.
Before we get into things, I want to make you guys aware that not only is the big bore barrett giveaway still going on but we are also now uploading our videos to Warrior Poet Society Network! With the age of censorship growing, we have decided to partner with a really strong group over there. Link in the description plus a discount code if you want to join up.
Now, how about some gun news? Winchester has a bunch of new stuff and they finally announced the specs on the 6.8 Western Cartridge and it looks pretty rad. We covered the addition of the cartridge to SAAMI not too long ago and now its actually here. On the surface its a 6.8 diameter projectile being fired out of a short action length cartridge, similar in length to a 6.5 creemoor, and claiming good terminal performance for long range hunting AND precision for match situations. At launch there are 3 offerings. A 165 grain Accubond LR meant for extended range hunting, then you have the silvertip version using a 170 grain expanding bullet and then the 170 grain match bullet using a boat tail hollowpoint. In the promo video, they brag about the cartridge having more energy at 500 yards than 6.5 creedmoor and that is likely due to a heavier bullet. They also brag about less recoil than a 300 win mag, which is hilarious because thats like saying 223 has less recoil than 308. Comparing them doesn’t make sense. I get that they are trying to sell to hunters but that comparison is weak if you ask me. As we always say with these new cartridges, it doesnt really matter if no one is chambering guns for it and off the bat it seems that Browning, who partnered with Winchester for this launch has 21 different models of the X Bolt chambered for this new cartridge. I’m skeptical of it taking off in a big way until we see a bunch of other manufacturers getting behind it but time will tell I suppose. Winchester also announced a few other things but since their product release video was a half an hour long and the website is like a labyrinth to navigate and find good info, I’m gonna skip it.
I’m curious though, what do you guys think about this new 6.8 Western. Is it something that gets your excited? Were you looking for something like this or are the current offerings enough to handle your needs? Sound off in the comments below and lets talk about it.

Its time to fire up the mini gun becuase we have a ton more news to cover this week.
Also new from browning this week is a semi auto shotgun called the Maxus II. Being that its the sequel to the Maxus, it has a bit of upgrades. The upgrades include a new cheek pad, a new recoil pad, rubber overmolding for more grip where you need it, a ramped trigger guard, enhanced controls, presumably to make the gun easier to use in colder/wetter conditions and the best one of all… a screw on magazine cap. Yes they list that as a feature. Thats on top of their proven gas system, nickel teflon action coating and really nice trigger. The gun comes in 5 different variants all basically cosmetically different. The prices range from 1529 for the blacked out version up to 2 grand for the wicked wing model.
Moving on from there FN has a new version of the 509 called the 509 LS Edge or Long Slide Edge. See also, Walther PPQ Q5 match and HK VP9 OR Long Slide. They’re essentially all the same gun made by different brands. 5 inch barrel, better trigger, in this case a flat face, better grip texture, better iron sights and of course, optic mounting. All in all it looks like a really solid gun and the 509 definitely doesn’t suck. The MSRP does sting a little at 1499.
Also in new stuff this week is ammo from Federal. I’ll keep it brief. The Syntech line has added a 148 grain 38 special, a 205 grain 10mm, and a 95 grain 380. I’m excited about more 10mm offerings for sure. They also added a couple new handgun rounds to their hunting line up. There is a 100 grain 327 federal and a 200 grain 10mm. Both are part of the Swift A frame line.
And rounding out our rapid fire this week is a mountain of stuff from magpul! We usually cover all of this stuff at our SHOT show booth visit but I guess we’ll cover it all from the studio this year. There is a lot so I will try to keep it simple. First is the new MBUS 3. These back up sights are a combination of the pro sights and the previous gen MBUS and are sort of a slim trim version with spring loaded deployment. Pricing is 40 for the front and 60 for the rear. Then there is the K2 XL grip, which is a 25 percent larger version of the K2. Count me in for that. With an MSRP of 24 bucks. From there we have the PRS lite which is a lightened version of the PRS gen 3 at a full 10 ounces lighter. The PRS stocks are great and I’m sure this won’t suck either. At an MSRP of 120 which is literally HALF the price of the full featured PRS gen 3, this could be a home run for a lot of people. Next we have the QR Rail Grabber which is a quick release with compatibility for both picatinny and ARCA/RRS rail systems. That goes for 80 bucks. Wow way more than I thought that would cost. Moving along they have 2 new PMAGs. One is a new 10 round version of the standard with the same form factor of the full 30 round version. Its all about keeping compatibility between local restrictions and mag pouches. They have an MSRP of 18 bucks. Theres also a new 20 round version of the 300 blackout mags that have an MSRP of 15 bucks. And before we get into the really juicy stuff, they have a new knife for 240 bucks which looks awesome and some new eyewear that I can’t use because prescription lenses. And they go for 100 to 150 depending on which version you get. Now the stuff I’ve been holding back on… First is the MP BSL arm brace for the HK94/MP5 platform. That is a nice addition to their current MP5 stuff and has an MSRP of 160 bucks putting it right in line with other braces. Then theres the new D50… not the one for the AR10 but the one for MP5s AND one for Glocks. FINALLY someone with a decent reputation making drum mags for these things. Honestly these are almost more exciting than the next product I’m gonna show you. They have an MSRP of 120. And honestly one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in a long time needs a bit of a back story. Back in 2008, at SHOT show, Magpul had a demo gun called the FMG9 which was essentially a deployable gun that folded up into a tight package and contained a glock machine gun that also folded up. Side note that folding action looks A LOT like the full conceal thing that is now bankrupt. In the video, Drake Clark says that they don’t have any plans to produce the gun but wanted to show it off. Fast forward 13 years and not only am I fortunate enough to call Drake and a bunch of other folks at Magpul buddies but they are also actually going to make what is now called the FDP9 and FDC9. The P and C indicate pistol and carbine versions of the gun. This is going to be done in partnership with Zevtech. Now theyve already said these wont be ready until 2022 but they wanted to tease everyone now. I am REALLY excited about this. I’m betting because of the nature of the gun plus being a hype beast, its going to cost a pretty penny when it does eventually hit the market but holy crap do I want to shoot one. WHEW, that was a buttload of new stuff. An entire buttload. I want to hear what you guys are excited about down in the comment section because we have so much to talk about!

But wait theres more! We also have some industry news we have to cover this week. First up, Sellmark, the parent company of Sightmark, firefield and Pulsar announced they are acquiring armor manufacturer Bulletsafe. Bulletsafe has been around since 2013 and has everything from soft armor vests to armored ball caps. I’m curious to see what they do with the brand.
Also in industry news, Aero Precision announced that they are relocating. Its only about 15 minutes away from their current Tacoma location but they are moving to Lakewood Washington to a new 268,000 square foot facility. I suspect we will see a lot of brands expanding over the coming months as the demand in the gun industry is still at an all time high.
In big time gundustry news, CZ is reportedly attempting to acquire one of the oldest gun makers in the US… Colt. We don’t have a ton of info about this one but the word is that they are planning a complete takeover of the brand. That my friends would be interesting in a ton of ways. What would happen with the military contracts? What would happen with the wheel guns? What about the other products? Lots of questions that won’t be answered right away. CZ puts out some incredible stuff so seeing them make Colt successful again would be awesome as well.
And rounding out industry news, the NRA has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy AND are planning to relocate from their current location in New York down to Texas. I think its clear to many of us that this was coming for a long time, especially considering the lawsuit in New York trying to dismantle the org but either way, that is something to pay attention to for the time being.
Guntuber of the Week continues this week. If you don’t know, GunTuber of the Week is a segment where I share a gun related channel that by our standards, which are admittedly really high, puts out high quality, entertaining, informative content on a regular basis.
That being said, our GunTuber of the Week this time is We Like Shooting. Now, i’m sure some of you know them from their podcast but they also put out some really solid gun videos and on top of that theyve been good friends of TGC for a long time. They have a fun and lighthearted approach and are just genuinely likable people. Here’s a clip.
If you’re into that type of content, go find the link to his channel in the description and get subscribed. Be sure to tell him TGC sent you.
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LINKS FOR THIS EPISODE: ● Watch us on Warrior Poet Society Network: (USE CODE TGC10) – https://bit.ly/2XR1ocJ
● Winchester 6.8 Western
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRrn8XBNw9I
Magpul new stuff – 2008 video
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enzlTEysYVU
Sellmark buys Bulletsafe
– https://sellmark.net/brands/
– Bulletsafe link – https://bit.ly/3oZGrbC
CZ Buying Colt
– https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article224042990/US-Legende-Tschechen-wollen-Waffenhersteller-Colt-kaufen.html
GunTuber of the week: – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYnsLgIX1rWQ7_WqQut9B_Q

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