I’ve been making gun related content for the better part of 10 years. I have ALWAYS wanted to give back to the audience that watches my videos in a way that is just massive. The number one thing that always comes to mind is a rifle that is something that most folks wouldn’t ever buy for themselves. The Barrett M82A1 is one of the most visceral shooting experiences I’ve ever had. It’s loud, its over the top and overall it’s incredible.


The Gun Collective’s BIG BORE BARRETT Giveaway!

There is no purchase necessary to enter. Yes I will probably email you something in the future. Don’t be weird about it.

Huge thanks to Copper Custom for helping us acquire the gun!

Thanks for caring about what we do.
– Jon Patton


  1. Have always wanted a rifle, last one was my M1 in the Marines 60 years ago. Have always lived in shotgun only states after that.

  2. Thank you for Accepting my entry, I never had a opportunity to shoot the Barrett 50 cal. Could not afford to buy one ,have always Loved the gun. I am 58 years old, Have other guns but would love to win that one.

  3. Your giveaways are great but they are usually guns not legal in my state (NYS). How about guns where everyone gets a shot at winning.

  4. That is cool that you are giving away a Barrett 50 that is the Iconic Big Bore Rifle every Firearms enthusiast wants to have in their gun safe.

  5. WOW first and foremost love the videos and I have always wanted a 50 but the price LOL so thanks for the chance ( after this last year I could use some luck) I have gotten the chance to shoot one but looks like a kick LOL

  6. Had an AR50 a while back and like a dummy sold it and would like to get one again. Always loved shooting that gun.

  7. Jon,

    I look forward to your show every week. You and your team have a good grasp on the key information the public needs regarding gun ownership; an important virtue of being an American.

    I miss Adam and the way he helps understanding firearm policies and laws. I hope you can find another to fill this role; rounding out your program.

    Keep your vision going, I know I’ll be there…

  8. I am a Vietnam Veteran and would love this gun. This would be a great hand me down to my son, who is also a veteran.
    My grandfather, father, uncles, my brother, and second cousins are all veterans. My family has served in WWI, WWII, Korean era, Vietnam. Desert Storm, and IRAQI freedom.

    This weapon would be the showcase to all my rifles.

    I’m DEFINITELY INTERESTED in Winning your Contest/Giveaway!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!


  10. Being able to enter something without entering into years worth of spam is a gift in itself.
    Thanks for keeping us in the know.

  11. I have always admired your spunk and the vids are top quality. Thanks so much for all the work you do every week to bring us excellent information that is also entertaining. some pros make me cheer and others cause much swearing, but they are always interesting and informative.

  12. I don’t see a place to enter.
    That is a little frustrating because, I lost all my guns in the camp fire of 11/08/2018
    in Paradise, CA. and cant afford to buy new ones.
    So I enter most of the giveaway’s I can.

  13. Every human being has the right to self-dense at any time, at any place, and by any means necessary, out to a thousand yards. Self-dense being the defense of ones own life as well as any family members, friends, and any other person that the human being can determine is in danger of unjustifiably losing their life.

  14. Well, if I win this. I’m going to flaunt it. And if I flaunt it, you get free advertising….see? Win, win! You’ll get like, 12 or so more followers on IG out of this! Sorry, that’s the best I got. Anyway, my fingers are crossed!

  15. Thanks I was SNIPER from 1966 to 1970 for the USMC the 50 cal all ways did the job over seas so owning a new 50 cal would make my day so thank you

  16. Love TGC News! Keep up the good work. My father had a barrett years ago but had to sell it after my mother passed. It would be great to be able to take him to the range.

  17. I have to say not because of the contest but I religiously watch every Monday. You are by far the most informative channel I watch relating to firearms and the second ammendment. Thank you

  18. John

    I have been a fan of your content from the early days. I watch, like, and share as much as possible. I’ve bought a few shirts, I know it’s not much but it’s honest work. I am active duty Air Force currently living behind enemy lines in the communist state of California. I do what I can to support the 2nd by donating to FPC and GOA. I think 50 BMG is illegal in this state but that’s all the more reason to enter this giveaway. If by the grace of John Mose Browning I was to be selected I would have it sent to a trusted friend in my home state of RI. Either way, thank you for what you do, and keep producing great content.

  19. I really would not know what to do with this but i do have one idea and that is to put a few target rafts out in Lake Michigan and proceed to try and blow them out of the water!!!!!!!! then i would let my nephew use it on one of his high north hunting trips

  20. I am not expecting to win this, but if I do, there is a range here in Ohio that would allow it to stretch it’s legs. I could have fun learning to reach out to it’s limits.

  21. The Gun Collective has for many years given us great content. I am happy to see how much they’ve grown and expanded. To there credit they continue to surpass the excellent editorial goals set by Jon Patton. I look forward to many years of great content.

  22. I would love to win this. The problem is I currently reside in CA. I will be here for another 4 years. I do have a home in AL. So if I won could the BMG be sint there?

  23. So my best friend had this firearm bolt action.. shot it several times. But he move away now I dont have aBMG .50 CAL EXPERIENCE ANYMORE.. boom $5 lol

  24. I’ve been following so many giveaways, I don’t remember which is which.
    Really love the constant content guys, keep it up.

  25. Never knew much about guns but my husband has me a “GUN COLLECTIVE” & GUN enthusiast! This is the rifle I’d love to own and pray I win!

  26. Luck for me I live in Pennsylvania one of the last Northeat states that is mostly gun friendly. Sign me up I already have the press to start reloading

  27. I want to win this. Reminds me of when i was in the military shooting the browning 50 cal off my M1A1, M1A2 tank.

  28. Can we enter once a day or just once. I did not see any rules concerning this. And Donald. I know exactly what I would do. I live in Kansas and I would love to work my way up to a mile+. Have wanted to do this since watching “American Sniper” the movie about the first true legend sniper, Chris Kyle. Lots of wide open spaces out here. And hope you get outta Calif. soon Mark. Good luck to you both.

  29. You guys are absolutely AWESOME! Love the channel & website. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Barrett since I first laid eyes on one, actually got to hold my first one on Jan 1st, 2001. I’ve always wanted a rifle I could hit center mass on a target on a mountain top in Georgia…from my house…in Alabama.

  30. I’ve always loved the engineering of this rifle. Never thought I’d have a viable chance to own one. “So you’re saying there’s a chance!” Let’s take that chance here. Thanks for all the TGC content.

  31. This would be the best thing that could change my life for ever . i love shooting all kinds of firearms but this is a big dream of mine to shoot and own one of these big boys . i have to live on a budget so this would be real sweet to win .

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