Welcome back to The Gun Collective podcast. My name is Jon Patton. 

Tonight we are gonna have a discussion about advancing the cause and generally why we as gun owners suck at it and how we can potentially correct course and start having real impact.

I’m joined tonight by 2 guys that I think really have some solid input on those exact things.
First up, for the first time ever, we are joined by a professional photographer, videographer, and advocate for self responsibility and prosperity. Matt Stagliano is here with us tonight.

Our other guest tonight is someone you guys know. This man literally has a doctorate degree in education and is a professor of communication. This could very well be his favorite episode ever and at this point he’s my co host. Welcome back Johnny Bragg.

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Why are we losing ground
What are the issues we are really facing (culture wars?)
Emotions vs reason/logic
Should we adapt to their tactics?

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