Welcome back to The Gun Collective podcast. My name is Jon Patton.Tonight we are going to try to scratch the surface of mental health and how it relates to guns. For the last several years mental health has become more and more of a primary discussion when it comes to mass shootings, and its also become a larger topic is society as a whole. There are nuances of the nuances and this one goes deep so the goal tonight is to just start moving and see where we end up.

Joining me tonight are two guest that I know you guys will love. Our first guest is a man that holds the trademark on the word beige. Khaki pants by day, mountain dew and powdered donuts by night. He is the Appalachian problem solver, Johnny Bragg.

And our other guest tonight is someone that is literally near and dear to my heart. She is an experienced shooter, and a true advocate for mental health in the gun industry. She is also my better half. Everyone please welcome to the podcast for the first time, Genevieve Jones.

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*What mental health issues relate to gun owners
*4473 “Adjudicated mentally defective” what does it mean?
*What is PTSD – who is affected

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Diagnosis sucks? Genevieve can get into this
    *Red Flag Laws
    *Are mass shootings directly related to gun owners with mental health issues?
  • https://www.holdmyguns.org/
  • https://walkthetalkamerica.org/

(Mildly-biased) website showing a chart where the red flag bill stands in each state:

Complete Show Notes and Links HERE: