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I'm Positive About Guns | TGC Podcast | Ep. 060

Welcome back to The Gun Collective podcast. My name is Jon Patton.

Today we are switching gears. We spend so much time talking about things that frustrate us, what we are fighting against, and things that just suck. But today we are going to focus on the positive. It’s about time we, as people with some kind of voice, spread the message of positivity right?

Well, to do that, I require assistance. Tonight I am joined by 3 friends with a really wide set of backgrounds. First up, a guy that I became friends with thanks to the comment section in a youtube video. Not even kidding. Adam Pini is here.

Next up, we have gentle giant. He has been a firearms instructor for many years, and you may know him from such films as the Art of the Dynamic Shotgun, as well as being famously called the Yeti. Steve Fisher is joining us tonight.

And rounding us out tonight, some say he can repel water with just a flip of his hair, or maybe a 50bmg in an AK. Everyone welcome Brandon Herrera to the show!

A Huge thank you to TGC Patreon supporters for making tonight’s show possible. We would love to have you on board at the $5 dollar per month level because not only do you get all the behind the scenes shenanigans but you are also automatically thrown into the gun of the month club where we give away at least one gun a month to our awesome supporters!
This month’s gun is a 4-inch Smith and Wesson 686!

Join up here!

Warm up game
What are we doing that’s positive currently?
Why should we focus on positivity?
What type of things can we do to maintain a positive outlook?

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