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Tonight we are talking with a political commentator, youtuber, and recent gun owner after being a card-carrying liberal. His main Youtube show, Beauty and the Beta, has over 200k subs, and is co-hosted with “Blond in the belly of the Beast”, both of them have been red pilled so to speak. Matt is one of the most thorough and level headed folks I’ve seen making videos on youtube and I’m pumped to have him on tonight.

Also, we have a returning cohost, Genevieve Jones, aka beyond the unknown and now officially the Vice President of Hold My Guns is joining us tonight to help me because we are under the weather.

How are you doing man?
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LibraryO…
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mlchristiansen

Recent gun owner
Troubles with youtube censoring
Actually listed by the “main stream media” as a “gateway to the nazi alt-right”
streams on somewhere called DLive, Bitshute, as well as youtube etc.
how do you, or do you deal with your call-in show callers?
favorite guns
Also, a subscribestar convert
Thoughts on mental health regarding “gun violence” etc.

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