12 people lost their lives late last night in Thousand Oaks California. There was yet another mass shooting, this time targeting a place called Borderline Bar and Grill. We don’t have all of the details yet, but we do know that included in the 12 dead are a sherriff’s deputy that gave his life to his job and the shooter was confirmed deceased on the scene as well. We do not have any information yet on who the shooter was or what gun was used or anything of the sort.

However, I will tell you that i’ve already seen reports talking about how the shooter “knew what he was doing” and that “he had perfect form”… according to a young woman interviewed by the New York Times outside the bar. Statements like that should worry every gun owner in the country. For now though, let’s focus on the sad fact that a psychopath murdered 11 innocent people last night and 11 families now have to mourn the lost. If you’re watching and you have additional information that we may find out as time goes on, please post that in comments so we can all stay up to date. As always thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon.


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